Discussion is a structured process involving different types of conversations with different groups, each a critical step in the change process. This phase ends with a decision about the solution to take forward. Believing that well initiation is half done, we communicate with the product owner, the stakeholders and end-users on how they want to interact with the product, whether on a regular or on an occasional basis, and where a product requires an additional party for it to work e.g. a communication aid, to also include.

At this stage of the analysis some decision also needs to be made with stakeholders and need to be analyzed in more detail. We conduct field studies, stakeholder analysis and define user scenarios. Competitor bench-marking and defining usability goals are done in this step. This discussion phase ensures all business and user requirements are taken into consideration before we move into next step.

During the discussion process all team along with the spider engage with the end user and key stakeholders as frequently as possible to observe real user performing actions and inquiring about their requirements. Team access the tools, user currently use their method of approaching the tasks at hand, understand the limitation and problems they are facing. Team try to understand the better way to enhance end user experience. Number of assumptions are made based on the target audience and observation and analysis is done.



By this phase the team members know their role and purpose and start to brainstorm to deliver the best outcome.


With test data we develop complete functional application so that you can fully test and evaluate the demo product.


Quality control is so important in every field, where an end-user product is created. That is why we at webaryal focus on the quality of software we build for our customers.


Our whole process is iterative based on the agile development concept and user-centered approach as it fill the missing gaps in understanding and add constructive solution to develop full featured application.