In the discussion phase we had already collected user’s needs in various perspectives. For each group of stakeholders, identified what they are trying to do with the product, why they needed it and what their responsibilities might be to other stakeholders. Now in this step it is crucial to come up with the solution to those needs. The team members now think out of the box and start to visualize the end product broadly. Based on the information gathered and analysis report, team start to do task analysis, information architecture analysis and workflow analysis.

In task analysis we create task list and user-task matrix. In information architecture analysis we prepare content list, content-user matrix and hierarchy, web relationships. Under workflow analysis we come up with workflows and scenarios.

With all above preparation we start to shape all information with the end product in our mind.  By this phase the team members know their role and purpose and start to brainstorm to deliver the best outcome. For each idea, perceptions, assumptions we create storyboards, wireframes, paper notes, screenflow samples, paper prototypes etc. We try to come up with as much alternatives as we can so that we can pick the best from those ideas.



This discussion phase ensures all business and user requirements are taken into consideration before we move into next step.


With test data we develop complete functional application so that you can fully test and evaluate the demo product.


Quality control is so important in every field, where an end-user product is created. That is why we at webaryal focus on the quality of software we build for our customers.


Our whole process is iterative based on the agile development concept and user-centered approach as it fill the missing gaps in understanding and add constructive solution to develop full featured application.