Google I/O 2014 Overview

Google I/O is an annual conference by Google which unveils its recent activities in web, mobile and enterprise applications along with open web technologies. Google I/O stands for Google Innovation in the Open and was started in 2008. This year Google I/O conference was held from June 25 – 26 at Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco. Most of the Google I/O activities has been featured with hashtag #io14 in social media.

In the conference, speakers highlighted all latest product and platform innovations that Google is carrying out. In-depth statistical details on Android Phones and Android Tablets was presented in interactive way. One of the surprising release of the Google was ‘Material‘ Design Language, which is expected to compete design perfectionist – Apple. Below are highlights of Google I/O conference 2014.

  • Google launched next version of Android ie Android L with a colorful new design
  • Google unveiled Android Wear operating system, the OS for smartwatches
  • Google announced Android Auto, which is an Android platform for the car
  • Google revealed its next generation ‘Material’ design language — and it looks a lot like Windows and iOS
  • Google revealed Google Fit health-data platform
  • Google started entertainment-focused version of the Android operating system – Android TV
  • Google to start working on mobile games to television with Android TV
  • Google announced new programming courses with online education provider Udacity
  • Google announced hardware reference platforms called AndroidOne
  • Google’s Chromecast streamer learns some cool, new tricks
  • Google announced Chromecast streaming device
  • Google Chromebooks to Android apps in the future
  • Google wrapped up Stackdriver integration work and released monitoring tools for its cloud
  • Google released a big-data pipeline for batch and stream processing in its cloud
  • Google acquired the team behind Appurify, a Google Ventures-funded app testing service for developers
  • Google rolls out more public cloud tools for devs like Cloud Save, Cloud Debugger, Cloud Trace and debugger


For more details of the event on each section, please view Google I/O event page and watch Google I/O 2014 – Keynote video.

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