Material design and its contribution to user experience – UX

Recently Google “Material Design” won Gold prize at 2014 User Experience(UX) Awards, for best contribution to UX. Since past 4 years Google designers are working on cross platform and multi-screen design that easy fits in smallest watch and large TV. It helps present functionality and branding in consistent way. It tackles the tiny subjects of realism and minimalism with simple gestural navigation. Basically it is focused on refined typography, geometry, iconography, bold color, rich imagery that leads to simple and yet beautiful look. Material design is expected to compete design perfectionist – Apple.

Google has documented details of material design. In this evolving design era, though the design is never finished, design system should be consistent and coherent but not static. In Google I/O conference 2014, its main features were highlighted. To compete with Apple, lets us see how world evolves with Google and material design.

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