Quality Analysts

Their findings are meaningful. They find what’s wrong in the business logic. They are the one who document your business logic for developers. They are a crucial component to any software development process. Developers implement business logic in the application and quality analyst test whether the output is as required or not. They give assurance to the project. They help to make the product error free and fully functional. This team focus on minor to major details. Any concerns raised by this team has to be addressed. Just like end user they test application from various aspects and make it ready to implement in real scenarios.

QA analysts are testers and problem solvers. They are the first in line to encounter any bugs that may crash the software or cause a bad user experience. Then, they are tasked with methodically reporting the problems to the developers and programmers who created the program. Once the QA analyst or team of analysts gives their stamp of approval, the program is considered acceptable for release to the public. It’s a rigorous process, but QA analysts are up for the challenge.

If you meet a team and find someone who has good eye on details in design and development logic then they are quality analyst.



They have proven track record of undertaking and completing large scalable web projects in team.

UX Researchers

They find what makes you easy and what makes you happy. They help you get the job done with minimal effort.

UI Designers

Getting into your mind and bringing your thoughts into paper is the most difficult task. Team UI designers are used to in all these tasks.


They are in charge of the entire development process. They add life to the UI design and make application logical and interactive.

Digital Strategists

They help you expose your brand across digital platforms with minimal amount of cost and reach large number of customers.

Customer Care

If you meet someone who is concerned about your problems and queries and speak to you in a nice tone, that is our customer care team.